Visually focused world

What do you feel like? Do you feel comfortable with all the instant pictures being taken of you by others, and yourself? If you could look different what would you most like to change?

These and other questions pound into our consciousness daily with all the visually charged media we are surrounded by. I was wondering today how people felt about the way they looked back before instantly available selfies. Did they feel any different about themselves? What did people feel about the way they looked before mirrors we’re widely available.

To “keep up” these days it seems like many of is feel exaggerated pressures from those around us. My hope is that for all people performing body-altering surgery is just this, that they really feel the need personally for these changes, and that they are not external influences pressuring them to make these decisions.

If they truly do want to achieve changes then I am always happy to be the one to help them reach their goals. I find myself fairly often talking people out of cosmetic surgery when it is not appropriate though, as I feel this is only fair to the patients, and those around them.

Best wishes always.

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