The S Curve and Plastic Surgery

It really is all about the curves, there are no flat spots, it’s all curves.

A statue is a statue versus a flat image because it has volume and shape, it is not flat, it is round, curved, and it draws your eye around to see what’s coming next. Is it ALSO as good or interesting as what you’ve just seen, can it be, what’s next, how does it “finish off”, or does it?

The curve is infinite and everywhere, it never ends. Ferrari uses a curve, or at least the classic ones did like the 1969 Dino, Audi’s luxury models are “S-Lines” too, Coca-Cola uses curves everywhere in their advertising, the curved under the logo, the bottle, the Nike swoosh they’re all curves. The more sophisticated ones are subtle, almost subliminal silhouettes of the female curve.

We all relate to this primal curve, even MacDonalds recognized this and put a very provocative double curve in their logo, so if you are one year old or a hundred, it is always a recognizable part of our intimate physical past.

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