Pain is a pain

I have recently had a quite severe, constant hip pain, which has been a real pain. I believe it is after a bicycle accident I had in the mountains where I fell on my hip, and it has never been quite the same since. I spent some hard earned $ on massage therapists, some of the best I have ever met, and I wanted to share this Times article on “Muscle knots”, because this is what I have learned about this problems from my massage therapists, experiences, and insights. The article itself is poor, but the comments on the blog are worth reading (for a change!)

The fascial system is the important thing to understand, and it really does remain relatively poorly understood until today, as there may not be enough $ involved in it. These boundaries of our understanding in medicine interest me, as they are ‘new frontiers’ of medicine, and our curiosity, and research help to expand the current pool of knowledge to better assist our treatments of them in the future.

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