Liposuction Fat Transfer, “Evolution” of a procedure

I am a scientist by training, but a pragmatist at heart, and when something “aint broke, don’t fix it!”

I have been performing liposuction of the body and fat transfer to the buttocks, in large volumes for just over a decade now, and when I started, nobody was doing the volumes I did, and very few do now either. These days there is a lot of eyewash/quackery around this procedure, with all sorts of new “normals’, or “standards of care”, which is basically what a bunch of surgeons usually far more timid, and less practices, tell the rest of us what we can and cannot do…so we have to “cover our ass” so we don’t give these people the chance to slander us (which they do, and love to do).

When I started doing this there were very few scientific studies to show how effective it was, but there were many surgeons doing it because it did work, it was effective, and also long lasting, with few side effects. I don’t need to tell you where it started, but yes, it was in South America, and yes it was where Shakira came from (in all her glory). So I studied what those Colombian surgeons did, and I still do what they did and do, because it works.

All the fancy shmancy talk about it will not get you a good job. If surgeons sell you something that doesn’t make sense to you, it probably doesn’t make sense period. Stem cell enriched fat transfer to any area does improve the lasting effect of the fat, this has been proved by my friend Alexandra Condé green, at Rutgers University. A consummate scientist, plastic surgeon, and an all round wonderful person, Alexandra performed THE most elegant study to prove this to date, and no doubt will continue to produce the most elegant studies in the future.

There really are people out there who do great work, and these days there are more, but buyer beware of any surgeons badmouthing cosmetic surgeons, and if you think board certification guarantees you a great result, then…think again!

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