I frequently, as a liposuction surgeon, get asked to make my patient’s bodies silhouette look like a coke bottle. The ubiquitous famous shape of the curve of that bottle is known to everyone around the globe. There are however several forms, and shapes of humans, and not all of us are able to achieve that desired shape, simply because of our underlying anatomy.

Coca Cola Girls

More Coca Cola Girls

A recent Times article reviewed the preferred silhouette shapes of women from the 17th century until today, and I found this both fascinating and interesting to see through a different set of eyes/subject matter, art and fashion? Or is it different? Is our desired body shape not altered by the media, art, culture, the people we see around us? What other people are doing to modify their bodies, be it corsets, clothing, padding, etc? Do we want to go to this extreme? :

SIlhouette created by extreme Corset on the Waist

The best view I have of a woman’s body is when they are lying on their side, so I can see the shape and height difference between their hip height, and the lowest was it hight, and then returning to their bony lower chest diameter. That is the coke bottle, and that is where I can exaggerate the lower curve with fat transfer (addition), and remove waist fat (subtraction), to make the height differences look different and “Coke bottle like”.

The other image that comes to mind is that of famous cars, famous in my mind because of the underlying shape they imitate, or that of a woman lying on her side.


Another interesting take on image and shape:



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