Does your husband / wife / girlfriend / boyfriend support your plastic surgery decision?

Making sure that Hubby or BF/GF are on board with your choice of body modification surgery is more important than you think. I have a patient at the moment whose boyfriend is unfortunately not secure enough to live with her anymore and the way that she looks now because she is pretty amazing beautiful and so they’re unfortunately going through some tough times. Taking some time to talk about it beforehand is important.

Man and woman discussing plastic surgery

Wife and husband discussing plastic surgery

Several patients in my history have made me think about this now, and there have been aggressive violent physical act performed against people like one patient’s boyfriend who heard that she was on the way to the surgery center and drove home and rammed her car from behind injuring her! Some people are prepared to go to jail over these decisions. This was surely not a healthy reaction but it could have had a chance of a better outcome if there had been some dialog beforehand and a mutual decision made.

I have to compare these instances share the very best that I have seen where recently of young couple came in and discuss their goals and aspirations with me, I took a lot of time to sit and listen to them about exactly what they wanted and they got exactly what they wanted. To see their level of exhilaration excitement and gratitude after the case was nothing short of a privilege.

One thing which struck me about the comments from the husband of the patient off the wood was that he was grateful that I had just listened to him about what they wanted and that I had and continually push myself forward as being the best of the best!

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