Cosmetic Surgery as a lifestyle change stimulus QUALITY OF LIFE

One of my favorite patients is a person I am glad to know, is a motivation for me and my patients. This lady lost 100lbs after her surgery, which removed her excess of abdominal skin, fat, and facial aging. Since then she has exuded nothing but confidence, and is one of the healthiest people I know. At 64 years old she is one of the most amazing lifestyle changes I have ever seen. It is better late than never, life is not about quantity, but quality.

With Linda’s permission I will share a selection of her feedback, and photo’s. To the rest of my patients, I hope with all I can that they choose to use their cosmetic surgery as a stimulus for a life changing lifestyle change. My personal interests in gardening, permaculture, and nutrition, growing your own food, recycling, composting, as well as making good soil transfers to my patients, who learn from it if they show any interest. I put everything I have, know, and have learned into helping my patients affect all the possible lifestyle changes they need.

I look forward to updating this blog post with more details from Linda herself, and possibly even pictures if she doesn’t mind!

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