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Cosmetic Surgery as a lifestyle change stimulus QUALITY OF LIFE

One of my favorite patients is a person I am glad to know, is a motivation for me and my patients. This lady lost 100lbs after her surgery, which removed her excess of abdominal skin, fat, and facial aging. Since then she has exuded nothing but confidence, and is one of the healthiest people I know. At 64 years old she is one of the most amazing lifestyle changes I have ever seen. It is better late than never, life is not about quantity, but quality.

With Linda’s permission I will share a selection of her feedback, and photo’s. To the rest of my patients, I hope with all I can that they choose to use their cosmetic surgery as a stimulus for a life changing lifestyle change. My personal interests in gardening, permaculture, and nutrition, growing your own food, recycling, composting, as well as making good soil transfers to my patients, who learn from it if they show any interest. I put everything I have, know, and have learned into helping my patients affect all the possible lifestyle changes they need.

I look forward to updating this blog post with more details from Linda herself, and possibly even pictures if she doesn’t mind!

Pain is a pain

I have recently had a quite severe, constant hip pain, which has been a real pain. I believe it is after a bicycle accident I had in the mountains where I fell on my hip, and it has never been quite the same since. I spent some hard earned $ on massage therapists, some of the best I have ever met, and I wanted to share this Times article on “Muscle knots”, because this is what I have learned about this problems from my massage therapists, experiences, and insights. The article itself is poor, but the comments on the blog are worth reading (for a change!)

The fascial system is the important thing to understand, and it really does remain relatively poorly understood until today, as there may not be enough $ involved in it. These boundaries of our understanding in medicine interest me, as they are ‘new frontiers’ of medicine, and our curiosity, and research help to expand the current pool of knowledge to better assist our treatments of them in the future.

Modest Lifestyle, Less is more.

I’m sure everyone reading this has moved at least once in their lives, and has gone through the throwing away of extra, unecessary  “stuff”. All through our lives it seems “stuff” attaches itself to us with regular, repetitiveness. Those of us with children have it even worse, accumulating even more stuff.

So what does this have to do with plastic, or cosmetic surgery? Well, it seems to me a lot of my colleagues in the field tend to collect even more, and expensive stuff, often trying to keep up with each other, who has the fanciest car, house, clothes, watches, etc. The reason I have always concentrated on maintaining a modest lifestyle, is so that I can avoid these pitfalls of forever chasing after MORE.

My family and I have concentrated on not “wanting” more, not saying we “need” the latest, greatest, or most expensive “stuff” just to keep up with our neighbors. This lends itself to a very important point: I don’t NEED a lot of money, or a high patient turnover, so I get to spend more time LISTENING and CARING for my patients. Each patient literally becomes my most important patients they move through our office, and is taken care of so that this is what they feel, and this makes a big difference.

There are many high volume practices in Los Angeles, and I have worked in them, but no more. I have made a decision not to be like them, not to run a puppy farm, but to treat each patient with the time, respect, and care they deserve. Each one of my patients has direct access to my cell #, and are told they are welcome to call, or text at any time of the day or night. They do not abuse this privilege, as they know I am THEIR surgeon. Just as people do not abuse THEIR car (unlike a rental), they treat me with respect, and care.

I feel constantly privileged to be able to care for a wonderful group of people, and get to touch so many lives, and always hope it will be in a positive, uplifting, and quality of life improving way.



I frequently, as a liposuction surgeon, get asked to make my patient’s bodies silhouette look like a coke bottle. The ubiquitous famous shape of the curve of that bottle is known to everyone around the globe. There are however several forms, and shapes of humans, and not all of us are able to achieve that desired shape, simply because of our underlying anatomy.

Coca Cola Girls

Coca Cola Girls

More Coca Cola Girls

More Coca Cola Girls

A recent Times article reviewed the preferred silhouette shapes of women from the 17th century until today, and I found this both fascinating and interesting to see through a different set of eyes/subject matter, art and fashion? Or is it different? Is our desired body shape not altered by the media, art, culture, the people we see around us? What other people are doing to modify their bodies, be it corsets, clothing, padding, etc? Do we want to go to this extreme? :

SIlhouette created by extreme Corset on the Waist

SIlhouette created by extreme Corset on the Waist

The best view I have of a woman’s body is when they are lying on their side, so I can see the shape and height difference between their hip height, and the lowest was it hight, and then returning to their bony lower chest diameter. That is the coke bottle, and that is where I can exaggerate the lower curve with fat transfer (addition), and remove waist fat (subtraction), to make the height differences look different and “Coke bottle like”.

The other image that comes to mind is that of famous cars, famous in my mind because of the underlying shape they imitate, or that of a woman lying on her side.


Another interesting take on image and shape:



Liposuction Fat Transfer, “Evolution” of a procedure

I am a scientist by training, but a pragmatist at heart, and when something “aint broke, don’t fix it!”

I have been performing liposuction of the body and fat transfer to the buttocks, in large volumes for just over a decade now, and when I started, nobody was doing the volumes I did, and very few do now either. These days there is a lot of eyewash/quackery around this procedure, with all sorts of new “normals’, or “standards of care”, which is basically what a bunch of surgeons usually far more timid, and less practices, tell the rest of us what we can and cannot do…so we have to “cover our ass” so we don’t give these people the chance to slander us (which they do, and love to do).

When I started doing this there were very few scientific studies to show how effective it was, but there were many surgeons doing it because it did work, it was effective, and also long lasting, with few side effects. I don’t need to tell you where it started, but yes, it was in South America, and yes it was where Shakira came from (in all her glory). So I studied what those Colombian surgeons did, and I still do what they did and do, because it works.

All the fancy shmancy talk about it will not get you a good job. If surgeons sell you something that doesn’t make sense to you, it probably doesn’t make sense period. Stem cell enriched fat transfer to any area does improve the lasting effect of the fat, this has been proved by my friend Alexandra Condé green, at Rutgers University. A consummate scientist, plastic surgeon, and an all round wonderful person, Alexandra performed THE most elegant study to prove this to date, and no doubt will continue to produce the most elegant studies in the future.

There really are people out there who do great work, and these days there are more, but buyer beware of any surgeons badmouthing cosmetic surgeons, and if you think board certification guarantees you a great result, then…think again!


Obliviobesity-when is your child too fat, and you’re not seeing it!?

Downhill from 980 lbs

Do Plastic Surgeons Make House Calls?

A patient needed help, the company I was working for wouldn’t allow me to treat her at their clinic as it would cost them. I shunned this bad practice idea, and went to her house, every evening for week to administer IV antibiotics, she got better and made several referrals to me.

This service I offer if patients need it. Not many plastic surgeons will. Call me. My number is on this site.

Visually focused world

What do you feel like? Do you feel comfortable with all the instant pictures being taken of you by others, and yourself? If you could look different what would you most like to change?

These and other questions pound into our consciousness daily with all the visually charged media we are surrounded by. I was wondering today how people felt about the way they looked back before instantly available selfies. Did they feel any different about themselves? What did people feel about the way they looked before mirrors we’re widely available.

To “keep up” these days it seems like many of is feel exaggerated pressures from those around us. My hope is that for all people performing body-altering surgery is just this, that they really feel the need personally for these changes, and that they are not external influences pressuring them to make these decisions.

If they truly do want to achieve changes then I am always happy to be the one to help them reach their goals. I find myself fairly often talking people out of cosmetic surgery when it is not appropriate though, as I feel this is only fair to the patients, and those around them.

Best wishes always.